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Welcome to Piece of Lapland‘s online store

We have a selection of high-quality Finnish souvenirs and gifts. Here you’ll find your own piece of Lapland.

Santa Claus and reindeer - Visit Piece of Lapland for reindeer antler gifts and souvenirs

northern lights

The Northern Lights (aurora borealis) are colorful lights that dance in the night sky.

suomalainen joulu

Reindeer ANTLERS

Once the antlers are dropped, they provide valuable material for handicrafts.

Silver earrings shaped like snowflakes - Visit Piece of Lapland for exclusive jewelry from Finnish Lapland


Beautiful Lapland-inspired jewelry from Finland

Handmade dolls from Finnish Lapland. Visit Piece of Lapland for handmade Finnish decorations, souvenirs and gifts.

lapland dolls

Adorable Lapland dolls from the traditional doll factory, Arctic Doll. Since 1953, more than a million Arctic Dolls have brought joy to their families.

A knitted oven mitt - Visit Piece of Lapland for handmade knitted winter apparel and accessories


Traditional, handmade knitwear keeps you warm in the chilly nights. Check out our selection of beanies, woolen socks and mittens!

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