If there’s one thing a reindeer knows, it’s this: take care of what you eat and drink. Reindeer, you see, are so an animal that they only feed on the fresh and versatile offerings of Lappish nature. This is also the guiding star for the food, drink and kitchenware selection from Piece of Lapland.

In our Food & Kitchen section, you’ll find sweets, treats, snacks and drinks, the ingredients of which primarily come from Arctic nature—guaranteed good for your body and soul, as well as flasks, thermos bottles, mugs and more!

Our special treasures include Sulo’s Special-tea in 4 different flavors and the naturally healthy, finger-licking sweets made by Anneli’s Yrtit & Karkit (Herbs & Candy). Sometimes, your tummy just needs to be full of goodness!

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