Lappish handicraft is so outstanding, it’s in a class by itself. One example of this is the factory, Arctic Doll, in Rovaniemi. Established in 1953, this factory is the only one of its kind in all of northern Europe, producing dolls dressed in handmade Lappish costumes, including traditional Sámi costumes. Everything from the dolls to their costumes are handmade in Jaatila, a little village in Lapland near the Arctic Circle.

So who are they then? Well, our little friends come in many shapes and sizes. You might be greeted by Aslak and Satu, or charmed by Antti and Eila, or delighted by Matti and Mirja, Piera and Anu, Oula and Susannne as well as the traditional Peski-doll. There are many different dolls, and they are all eagerly waiting to find new homes!

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