Just one more climb and the overlook awaits. Your thermos jiggles in your backpack and sweat runs down your face. Finally, the top of the fell! There’s a perfect stone bench waiting for you. Your thermos pops open, and you pour a nice cup of coffee into your kuksa—a traditional wooden drinking cup. Ah, now this is perfection.

Kuksa is a traditional Finnish drinking cup made of carved wood. It’s light and easy-to-use, perfect for any trek or trip. It also stands the test of time, as long as it is well kept and taken care of. But kuksas prefer simplicity. Traditionally, you just rinse your cup in a river or lake, and that’s all the washing it needs. According to a Lappish belief, washing a kuksa in any other way brings bad luck!

Here you’ll find your perfect kuksa, as well as shotglass holders, elven decorations and all manner of handcrafted wooden gifts and souvenirs from Piece of Lapland.

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